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Risk Stratify Stress in real-time

Stress Science has partnered up with SENSEi networks to provide Australian businesses access to game changing technologies to help them in the battle against employee stress. 

Utilising the SENSEi platform provides an end-to-end, enterprise grade, Internet of Things (IoT) solution that combines state of the art analytics, multi-platform interfaces and always-on hardware enabling the tracking, monitoring, and analysis of a multitude of assets in real time.

The data-driven solution works by installing a discrete set of sensors in the workplace to monitor human physiology such as stress and immune biomarkers, heart rate, blood pressure, movement, and more as well as environmental stressors that can impact the human physiology. Data from the environmental and personal sensors are processed on SENSEi’s cloud platform where analytics are applied and then visualised on a web application, where individuals can access their own data and businesses can look for trends using anonymised data sets.

The solutions have been designed to help employers to adopt early intervention strategies, make changes to the working environment and provide tailored advice and support to employees experiencing, or at greater risk of experiencing, workplace stress.