Reduce the Risk of Burnout

At Stress Science, we believe there is an alternative to just working harder, longer and feeling as if you have to tough it out. We’d like to welcome you to the world of elite human performance.

About Stress Science

We didn’t realise it was this bad. We heard him howling like a wounded animal and didn’t know what to do. We just shuffled his friends and family away and sat next to him to just be there. That’s when we knew we needed to build an accelerated program and a community that would support those of us that put it ALL IN but face the risk of Burnout.

You see, we have stood alongside elites. Top of their game and winners by all rights. What most of us don’t see is the fight that goes on behind the curtains. That’s us, fighting in the background to keep the results you need to make sure you can find confidence rather than running away. It’s not easy, no way and you will have to make tough decisions, but we can tell you the alternative is painful and destructive.

If you are a high performer who is competitive, ambitious, determined and wants control, optimism and fun in the hunt then we have designed the Performance Acceleration Program for YOU! Why? To create Sustained Elite Level Performance for those who want to win.

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How We Support You

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Support for your growth and career development. Network with high performers who want to achieve success and reduce the risk of burnout.

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Individual and Teams can join our Performance Acceleration program. Using World Class technology, we map your stress levels and deliver an accelerated high-performance program. Organisations can engage to build a strategic partnership where we build a success roadmap and enable your team’s performance to thrive while you grow.

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Stress and Cardiac health are major risk factors in our workplace. We use the latest leading tech to monitor your workforce and identify potential risks so you can protect the human asset that keeps your business functional.



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