Focus & Productivity

You might assume staying focused is an internal struggle that You can overcome with willpower. But studies have shown relying on willpower won’t work long term.

In one study, 3 groups of people were asked to perform a test requiring mental endurance. One group had a plate of biscuits in the room but were not allowed to eat them, the second had no biscuits & the third had biscuits they could eat. The study found that those who had to resist the biscuits (ie: use willpower) performed WORSE.

Now, swap the biscuits for any other temptation you have in your working environment: social media, SMS, email. Just knowing they are there is a distraction & drains your mental endurance. So what can you do?

💡 Control your environment. When you need to focus, minimise temptation.

🚀 Here’s a hack I use: Diarise & allocate time to check notifications & check them ONLY at these set times. 

Interested to know what you can do? head over to I will be sharing tips & strategies from the performance Acceleration program to help you “re-focus”. 

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