Data humanity

There is something that I have learnt that I must share.

You see, I love data and believe it can drive our business and our people to new levels. However, whenever you make business decisions that impact your people you need to consider the human element to the data. In my workshop I speak about: having the same person, face the same scenario with a customer but have a different build-up can have a huge impact on the outcome.

OK…We do the same shit day in day out. That’s work and that’s life. But let’s say one morning everything goes great and on a different morning you have a shocker.

How you REACT to the customer will change and therefore the outcome will change. Taking one set of data will only tell you one story and you CANNOT base your business decisions on it. Consistency is the key and controlling your emotions. Once you can find a business rhythm that positively contributes to the best outcome (think culture) you will consistently see better business outcomes.

How do you create consistently amazing business outcomes in your organisation?